XAPTIC: Connectivity and Fluid Elements


This is my fourth installment and update for XAPTIC, my weekend project to construct a robust Silverlight web part style framework for SharePoint 2010. This weekend was about bug fixing and presentation. Here is what I completed this weekend.

  1. Updated the Icons a bit – I’m not a UI guy and its difficult to make things look good
  2. Added some fluid interface elements (fader effects, etc.) – this piece is still a work in progress
  3. Added the client object model to one of my sample web parts (line chart)
  4. Added a CSS field to the HTML web part (soon JavaScript so I can dig into JQuery/SPServices more)
  5. Updated all the Silverlight parts for better appearance and presentation
  6. Added an Upload and Delete to/from the parts catalog (drag/drop coming soon)

I have so much technical information coming out of this project that I can hardly wait to blog some about it. For now I’ll post these updates as a sign of my progress.

One thing I did not say in the video update was that I actually created a VS 2010 project template. Now all you need to do is simply compile the default project and a fully operational “Hello World” style Silverlight Part is ready to use. See image below the video. I’ll blog that very soon



Here is the Xaptic Project Template




Thanks for watching!



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