A Concise Definition of Web 2.0, the Semantic Web, Social Applications, and Social Networks for the Enterprise – Part 3

I had promised a post on data discovery and do apologize in that regard but this will be short – really !

I wanted to share a great example of a Social Network – this time in the sciences. Check out myexperiment.org as a great example of how Social Networks add value.

Why? Take this example – genetic researchers spend time attempting to undercover generic pathways (dependencies) between genes so that some understanding of aggregate functionality within a cell (understand I know nothing about this – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_pathway) can be achieved. This is accomplished by creating workflows that are executed as lab experiments. The problem comes in when disparate teams of researchers perform the same, or similar experiments in isolation.

myexperiments.org solves that problem by allowing research teams the ability to share workflows, people profiles, and data. In this case less time is wasted by making visible other workflows already performed for a particular investigation by other teams.

See the video – appears really amazing – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6_Kz5L010g

It’s not just a Social Network, the workflows can be exported and used directly in the lab as well. Of course, I’m covering only a very small portion of this sites potential. Do check out the video.

That’s it for now – see, very short! Ok, the next post in this series WILL BE on data discovery – expect some technical details as well as implications for SharePoint.



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