Integrating External Document Repositories


How would you like to maintain documents located in systems external to MOSS with all the capabilities inherent in a document library such as check-in/out, editing, and versioning? How would you like to work with these external systems from within the context of a MOSS site? No, the BDC is not the answer.  

The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification was created cooperatively between EMC, IBM, and Microsoft. The basic idea is that large companies often use a mix of vendors and technology but lacked a cohesive framework for systems interoperability with regard to content. Traditional solutions to this issue have leveraged webparts as highly functional “windows” into these third party systems. However, such solutions can not easily leverage native capability. For those interested, a link to the specification is here

An actual sample project using this specification can be found here The sample code makes my short list for this weekends activities (I hope).


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